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What I Learned from Nearly Dying in Malaysia

Exactly 365 days ago on my twenty-third birthday, I was doubled over struggling out the hospital to return to my home in rural Malaysia when the nurse ran up to me exclaiming that they found a bed for me. In that time i was very […]

My Malaysian Swim Team

This is where I was in peninsular Malaysia throughout 2012: If you need to rent a car for your next vacation click for more info here. Being surrounded by many of the world’s finest beaches, you’d think that they swim more than they walk. But […]

Why I’m Thrilled to Join Coursera

After a year of teaching and learning in Malaysia, I’m thrilled to begin the next chapter of my quest to empower and educate by working with the committed, brilliant, quirky, and ambitious Coursera team to do so on a massive scale. “When you look back […]

Farewell to Malaysia

Many of the Malaysian school teachers pressured my school’s 2,000+ students to get me a departing gift, resulting in 60 pounds of touching souvenirs (more on that later) as well as dozens of students apologizing to me for not getting me a nice enough gift. […]

Music Mix for the Flash Mob that Never Happened

Here’s the mix with some cool transitions and overlays that I made for a flash mob to drop in Malaysia’s capital city–which didn’t end up happening due to us touring Johor state like a rock band for two weeks (which also didn’t happen since our […]


Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia / Borneo – For our last long weekend from teaching this school year, I met up in Kinabalu with six other Fulbrighters and Camilia, a friend of mine from France whom I met in the Philippines (yeah, a tad random). […]

Mid-Autumn Festival

Last week was the Mid-Autumn Festival, where Chinese folks eat mooncakes, light stuff on fire (see above: a floating lantern about to be released), and take an obligatory glance or two at the full moon. One of the teachers at my school invited Charlie and […]

Malaysian Knowledge

See the picture above? Those are all exam prep books, which consist of ~100% of the bookstore’s books. In my town of 160,000, there’s not a single bookstore with more than three shelves of non-exam-based books. And I have yet to discover a single quality […]

English Camp

“I am a very shy girl, but today I danced in front of everybody.” When I was in middle school, you couldn’t have forced me to dance in front of any crowd (more than three people) even if you offered me a lifetime supply of […]

Parking in Malaysia

With a motorbike, walking in Malaysia has become utterly antiquated. In front of a restaurant: In front of the mall (I think those orange cones were meant just for me): On the sidewalk in front of my gym (not pictured):