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What I Learned from Nearly Dying in Malaysia

Exactly 365 days ago on my twenty-third birthday, I was doubled over struggling out the hospital to return to my home in rural Malaysia when the nurse ran up to me exclaiming that they found a bed for me. In that time i was very […]

My Malaysian Swim Team

This is where I was in peninsular Malaysia throughout 2012: If you need to rent a car for your next vacation click for more info here. Being surrounded by many of the world’s finest beaches, you’d think that they swim more than they walk. But […]

Farewell to Malaysia

Many of the Malaysian school teachers pressured my school’s 2,000+ students to get me a departing gift, resulting in 60 pounds of touching souvenirs (more on that later) as well as dozens of students apologizing to me for not getting me a nice enough gift. […]

Music Mix for the Flash Mob that Never Happened

Here’s the mix with some cool transitions and overlays that I made for a flash mob to drop in Malaysia’s capital city–which didn’t end up happening due to us touring Johor state like a rock band for two weeks (which also didn’t happen since our […]


Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia / Borneo – For our last long weekend from teaching this school year, I met up in Kinabalu with six other Fulbrighters and Camilia, a friend of mine from France whom I met in the Philippines (yeah, a tad random). […]

Mid-Autumn Festival

Last week was the Mid-Autumn Festival, where Chinese folks eat mooncakes, light stuff on fire (see above: a floating lantern about to be released), and take an obligatory glance or two at the full moon. One of the teachers at my school invited Charlie and […]

Malaysian Knowledge

See the picture above? Those are all exam prep books, which consist of ~100% of the bookstore’s books. In my town of 160,000, there’s not a single bookstore with more than three shelves of non-exam-based books. And I have yet to discover a single quality […]

English Camp

“I am a very shy girl, but today I danced in front of everybody.” When I was in middle school, you couldn’t have forced me to dance in front of any crowd (more than three people) even if you offered me a lifetime supply of […]

Parking in Malaysia

With a motorbike, walking in Malaysia has become utterly antiquated. In front of a restaurant: In front of the mall (I think those orange cones were meant just for me): On the sidewalk in front of my gym (not pictured):

Career Day

No, we didn’t have a Career Day at my school. My housemate Charlie and I had one for ourselves after school one night at one of the very few restaurants that doesn’t serve mee goreng (fried noodles) nor nasi lemak (coconut-fat rice) as their “specialty.” […]