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Summerbridge Celebration (Graduation)

Yeah, I’m three weeks behind on this post.

Celebration is the end-of-year ceremony (graduation is just one small component) consisting of song, dance, video, a slideshow, and good ol’ butt-kicking. It may be more accurately-described as a bawl-fest. In fact, when I was recruiting at Penn, I played the 2010 Celebration video and measured Summerbridge’s impact by the portion of people (~43%) who were crying at the end (in case you were wondering, yeah, I took Social Statistics). There was even a tall, built, manly man (oh and a wonderful human being) named “Tiger” who killed a forest with all the tissues he used. That’s how impacting the program is to these kids (and to the environment).

As per tradition, I spent way too much time having fun with mixing the music for the final staff song, and even more fun recording a video.

(Skip to 2:11 for the part that’s actually mixed.)

Staff Song – Summerbridge Hong Kong Island School 2011 by markpan

Music Video:

See the official and alternate recording of the actual performance.

While everyone was out there performing and crying, I was well-protected in the sound room from showing signs of emotion for four hours with the amazing help of Remember and Austin (Office Assistants) and the company of other kind souls.

Looking forward to maybe visiting Celebration 2012! Impact is measured in test scores, retention rates, college acceptances, test scores, pre/post surveys, and test scores (especially in Hong Kong). Celebration celebrates and shares the monumental gains that our students make in what is too infrequently measured: love of learning, peer support, confidence, friendship, and tears.

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  1. koee chae
    Posted September 6, 2011 at 9:54 pm | Permalink

    thought you would come back next year AGAIN
    um… i will be there haaaaaahaha 😀

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