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Harry Potter: “The End of Our Childhood”

Caption: Siler dressed in robes prior to boarding at Platform 9 3/4

Having grown up alongside the Harry-Ron-Hermione trio (hopefully with a little less teenage angst), Sam Ribnick proposed a toast “to the end of an era, and our childhood.” Or a toast to “the magic never ending,” as Maria more aptly put it.

Being in DC for three days, one of which was the HP7-2 opening night, I had the misfortune of having to wait a whole 36 hours after HP fanatics in Hong Kong to watch the finale.

Luckily, Samler (Sam+Siler) and friends were just as loco[motor] (coolest spell EVER) about Harry, and I got to briefly reconnect with those long-lost college friends and AMURica. Plus, Hong Kongers don’t dress up for movies, whereas here in DC I could deck out (see bottom picture) in high school graduation robes, Siler’s wrongly-HP-coloured [sic] tie, toothpicks for wands (summoned from the food court where we grabbed dinner), and a dorky adolescent grin, and still be somewhat acceptable to society.


me: i will be wearing my HS graduation gown and my college/gryffindor tshirt

Siler: i will shoot u with an expeliarimus until you are naked
k, nvm, i was just angry when u said that b/c i meant to get the robe i bought and left in the harrison sky lounge kitchen but forgot to

me: you misspelled expelliarmus

Siler: hahaahahaha
could be dangerous

During HP7-2

Voldy dies, and Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermy idly make out while people DIE. Oh yeah.. major spoiler alert!

There was also a super awkward picture of Samler flinching at the power of my Droid’s dual-LED flash, but maybe I’ll save that picture for another time.


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    love the pictures! slash everything about this post is awesome

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