Motorcycles and Coffins

Key takeaway point from job orientation in D.C.: Teaching in Malaysia provides bangin’ benefits. Not only will I have health insurance (well, sort of), but the folks at Fulbright made a special note to point out that if we die, they will ship our rotting carcasses back to the States. FOR FREE.

Key takeaway point #2: Practically everyone has a motorbike/moped/motorcycle. To continue with the morbidity, they made it clear that you will get into an accident. Since there’s nothing I can do about that prophecy, my lifelong dreams of getting a motorcycle is one step closer!

To celebrate, I decided to re-lend my $25 Kiva credit to a man from Cambodia named Heng (pictured) who is an experienced motorcyclist, aka my future self. Inspired? Check out’s free trial! You can give a one-time loan and re-lend it 4eva!

EDIT: Kudos to Rohan, Marshall, and Mr./Mrs./Ms./Dr./Lt./President Anonymous for joining Kiva!

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  1. Chris Chow
    Posted August 19, 2011 at 12:51 pm | Permalink

    Where I stayed in China (Changle city in Fujian province), almost everyone there owns/has a motorbike/moped/motorcycle. All of those machines were spewing out so much exhaust.

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    […] Too bad we didn’t have this list of high-rolling-people-to-hit-up-for-pesky-nonprofit-donation-requests during college. Well, thank you Mr. Barth for emailing us the calling list below to solicit donations for my start-up charter school. Or my motorcycle. […]

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