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Being Obnoxious (for a Good Cause)

Day 2 of admin training. A local school has generously allowed Summerbridge to grace their school with Summerbridge’s presence, along with our super loud and borderline-obnoxious cheers. While we were greeting the teachers by screaming cheers at them right outside of the school, a crowd of local students (no Summerbridge affiliation) silently line up (see the pic) and, well, watch us. I’m not sure whether the stone-faced gaping students or my fellow teachers and I were more entertained.

Day 3 of admin training: apparently the school has (probably rightfully) complained that we were too loud and terrorizing blocking passerby on the sidewalk. Don’t they want to run through our cheering Summerbridge human tunnel?

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  1. anna caffry
    Posted June 26, 2011 at 11:02 am | Permalink

    BAHA. Mark I love your speech bubbles.

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