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Pan Fam’ Convo

I love mass communication (and avoiding the cumbersome telephone). I’ll spare you the 100+ email threads (man I miss the UA) though. Continuing with the tradition of ridiculous emails, here are a couple of Pan Fam’ job-related email threads.


Ann: The older sis
Anna/Jingo/Jingle: The younger sis. Yes, their names are Ann and Anna.
Lina: The bystander and mom pictured above
Mike: The technophile and father

Email Thread #1:

From Older Sister Ann:

Hi Family,

I am sending a message about my summer because all the cool kids are doing it. What I am doing this summer is:
1) Feeding Jingle
2) Getting a dog
3) Making sure Jingle doesn’t go to work in inappropriate clothing
4) Teaching Jingle to cook
5) Going boxing
6) Being awesome.

That’s about it. Daddy, would you like to have a family meeting to discuss? We can hold a conference call. I even have my own toll-free dial-in line. I am also very good at conference calls.

From Little Sister Anna (yes, their names are Ann and Anna):

hi family,

i am writing on behalf of daddy. he feels left out, so i am helping him write his schedule for this summer!

this summer daddy will be:
1. feeding himself
2. giving away the rv
3. making sure he doesn’t go to work in soiled underwear
4. teaching mommy how to cook
5. going vegetarian (kong (Mark) inspired him!)
6. being your lovely daddy.

daddy would like to have a family meeting to make sure he understands his schedule. he wants to ask questions at the meeting. please be supportive!

From Mike Pan:

My Dear Ann,

1 It will be awesome without item 2.
2 No conference call but in person talk.

Your Lovely Dad

From Mike Pan:

Hi Jingle,

1 No sloppy English please. The first letter of each sentence must be upper case.
2 Item 1 thru 5 are negotiable.
3 Item 6 is already completed.

Lovely Dad

Email Thread #2

From Mark:


I’ve decided that I’ll be working in San Francisco (instead of Philadelphia) for the fall, since I’ll learn more, the pay is higher, and moving is more convenient. I’ll probably start this coming Wednesday.

From Anna:

awww you hate me!

From Ann:

also because i am your favorite sister. yesh. sorry, jingle (little sister)!

From Anna:

but who will bring me my black bra [to Philly]?! 🙁

From Anna (impersonating our dad):

My Lovely Son,

Please give your sweet family all information. Where? Who? What? Until when?

P.S. If you’re working in San Francisco, why don’t you live with your lovely sister? Maybe you can live in Bing’s room while Bing sleeps on the couch.


Your Lovely Jingo

From Mike:

Thank you Jingle, you are so considerate!!!

Your Lovely Daddy

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  1. sarah
    Posted November 16, 2011 at 11:07 am | Permalink

    hahahahaha–great post pandroid

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