What I Learned from Nearly Dying in Malaysia

Exactly 365 days ago on my twenty-third birthday, I was doubled over struggling out the hospital to return to my home in rural Malaysia when […]

My Malaysian Swim Team

This is where I was in peninsular Malaysia throughout 2012: If you need to rent a car for your next vacation click for more info […]

Why I’m Thrilled to Join Coursera

After a year of teaching and learning in Malaysia, I’m thrilled to begin the next chapter of my quest to empower and educate by working […]

Clevernote: Stream of Consciousness Notetaking for Teachers

At a Bay Area education hackathon that I wrote about yesterday, my team of three ran into technical difficulties implementing SLC’s API and couldn’t enter […]

Education Innovation Hackathon

Last weekend, educators and programmers convened to debate visions, pore over code, overeat pizza, and break apart from their teams in true reality TV style. […]

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from all my paternal cousins and me… …and a belated Happy Hanukkah from Porter. The Star of David kit was cousin Kocine’s gift […]

Farewell to Malaysia

Many of the Malaysian school teachers pressured my school’s 2,000+ students to get me a departing gift, resulting in 60 pounds of touching souvenirs (more […]

Music Mix for the Flash Mob that Never Happened

Here’s the mix with some cool transitions and overlays that I made for a flash mob to drop in Malaysia’s capital city–which didn’t end up […]


Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia / Borneo – For our last long weekend from teaching this school year, I met up in Kinabalu with six […]

Getting Walked

This past weekend I commuted to San Francisco to dog-sit for my sister. It started out with me walking Porter, an ugly and pudgy Boston […]