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BADcamp 2011

As a wannabe techie, the best part about working at working with CfA is being immersed in such a civic and tech-oriented environment. That means being surrounded by a wonderful staff, big name speakers, and opportunities to learn how to professionally develop your inner nerd.

A few weekends ago, I took a gander at learning about Drupal at the Bay Area Drupal Camp 2011. Drupal is a more powerful alternative to WordPress, which hosts the blog you’re looking at as well as 14% of the interweb’s sites.

Though I’m sticking with the 14%, I am thoroughly impressed with the Drupal community, from their tech-savvy cultishness to the organizers’ choice of free doughnuts (including blueberry and green tea).

However, working at CfA has reminded me that shiny technology that simply makes stuff look pretty (even if it flaunts a half-eaten apple) provides little to no social value. I’m most impressed by practical innovations, however small, such as the door prop (pictured in the post’s main banner up top) engineered by the Drupalistas at registration. HOW COOL IS THAT.

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