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Why I’m Thrilled to Join Coursera

After a year of teaching and learning in Malaysia, I’m thrilled to begin the next chapter of my quest to empower and educate by working with the committed, brilliant, quirky, and ambitious Coursera team to do so on a massive scale. “When you look back […]

Clevernote: Stream of Consciousness Notetaking for Teachers

At a Bay Area education hackathon that I wrote about yesterday, my team of three ran into technical difficulties implementing SLC’s API and couldn’t enter the competition. We still worked away nonetheless. Here’s the concept: Clevernote (code name): A note management app dedicated to rushed […]

Education Innovation Hackathon

Last weekend, educators and programmers convened to debate visions, pore over code, overeat pizza, and break apart from their teams in true reality TV style. This was the Shared Learning Collaborative‘s Bay Area 30-hour hackathon. I’ll share the concept and mockup of my team’s app, […]

Getting Walked

This past weekend I commuted to San Francisco to dog-sit for my sister. It started out with me walking Porter, an ugly and pudgy Boston Terrier (or perhaps it’s one of the handsomer Boston Terriers? Who knows). Having lost all patience in fighting with Porter, […]

Little Sister Told Us to Dress Up for Xmas Dinner

Apparently she didn’t mean that kind of dressing up.

Motivational Art Experiment: “I Will Graduate to ____________”

Inspired by urban design artist Candy Chang’s public artwork and frustrated by all my Berkeley friends refusing to spend quality time with me during this busy pre-finals week (how can anyone turn down a free Bollywood dance class?!), I decided to do a little experiment […]


My Thanksgiving in a gobble: Quality time with the mom, older sis, and her ugly putrid, I mean, 54th-smartest-dog (out of… just 79 dogs) named Porter. My sister maintained that Wikipedia describes it as “intelligent and friendly.” So I’m happy to report that my first […]

BADcamp 2011

As a wannabe techie, the best part about working at working with CfA is being immersed in such a civic and tech-oriented environment. That means being surrounded by a wonderful staff, big name speakers, and opportunities to learn how to professionally develop your inner nerd. […]

San Jose Scavenger Hunt

I’m looking for two to four Ricky Bobby-like WINNERS near San Jose to form an Amazing Race-like scavenger hunt team and win cool stuff. FYI, the contents of this post are not intended to be humorous. In fact, I am 100% serious (great song). Here’s […]

Trolling Ikea

Summerbridge Reunion #1: Ikea! To take it one step further from just pretentiously inspecting plush furniture (that was so high school), team SB printed pics of ourselves and slipped them into Ikea’s frames. Huge improvement. Ikea, you’re welcome. Now, I know y’all are dying to […]