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Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from all my paternal cousins and me… …and a belated Happy Hanukkah from Porter. The Star of David kit was cousin Kocine’s gift to little sister Anna. 90% off all Hanukkah bling at Target! And happy post-apocalypsing. Guys I want to tell you […]

Getting Walked

This past weekend I commuted to San Francisco to dog-sit for my sister. It started out with me walking Porter, an ugly and pudgy Boston Terrier (or perhaps it’s one of the handsomer Boston Terriers? Who knows). Having lost all patience in fighting with Porter, […]

Little Sister Told Us to Dress Up for Xmas Dinner

Apparently she didn’t mean that kind of dressing up.

Dog Shoes

(No, the banner image above is completely irrelevant. BUT DON’T THEY LOOK COOL? If you enjoy imagining yourself stepping on a dead puppy with each step you take, I mean.) Tired of wiping Porter’s feet every time he enters, I decided to make some shoes […]


My Thanksgiving in a gobble: Quality time with the mom, older sis, and her ugly putrid, I mean, 54th-smartest-dog (out of… just 79 dogs) named Porter. My sister maintained that Wikipedia describes it as “intelligent and friendly.” So I’m happy to report that my first […]

Pan Fam’ Convo

I love mass communication (and avoiding the cumbersome telephone). I’ll spare you the 100+ email threads (man I miss the UA) though. Continuing with the tradition of ridiculous emails, here are a couple of Pan Fam’ job-related email threads. Cast: Ann: The older sis Anna/Jingo/Jingle: […]

Playing with Food

I love slow eaters, because that gives me more time to consume larger quantities of food. But what to do when you’re stuck at your favorite buffet restaurant, and full (gasp!)? Make it into a competition with your little sister, of course! The first step […]

Pan Fam’ Email Conversation

A typical Pan Family / sibling (or “sibering,” in our sibling dialect) conversation: From: Anna Pan Date: Wed, May 25, 2011 at 2:40 PM To: kong, mommy, daddy, jie hello famiree. this is just an update on what i’m doing this summer. i’m working for […]