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Mid-Autumn Festival

Last week was the Mid-Autumn Festival, where Chinese folks eat mooncakes, light stuff on fire (see above: a floating lantern about to be released), and take an obligatory glance or two at the full moon. One of the teachers at my school invited Charlie and […]


My Thanksgiving in a gobble: Quality time with the mom, older sis, and her ugly putrid, I mean, 54th-smartest-dog (out of… just 79 dogs) named Porter. My sister maintained that Wikipedia describes it as “intelligent and friendly.” So I’m happy to report that my first […]

Playing with Food

I love slow eaters, because that gives me more time to consume larger quantities of food. But what to do when you’re stuck at your favorite buffet restaurant, and full (gasp!)? Make it into a competition with your little sister, of course! The first step […]

World Famous Egg Tarts

5HKD (0.64 USD) is apparently overpriced for HK egg tarts, but not for the (supposedly) world-famous egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery, which Drew and I found after 30 minutes of wandering, buckets of sweat, and three urgent “help us!!” texts. No, egg tarts are […]

Most Comforting Sign Ever

After walking around for 30 minutes and finally having found the hole in the wall restaurant, I was greeted by this lovely sign above. But I’m not a child, so it must be safe for me, right? Sketchy entrance: Phew–made it out alive. Non-sketchy fake-meat […]

Mango Dessert Extravaganza (oh and Mellei)

Every time I began missing Hong Kong this past year, I would Facebook chat or message HK teachers and students, attempt to refold heartfelt letters that students wrote and intricately constructed, and/or Go to this website. Not necessarily in that order. Anyways, yesterday Melanie and […]

First Class

No, not X-Men First Class (which was arguably as good as the following). So after watching Catch Me If You Can on the plane, where Leonardo fakes his way into becoming a pilot (thankfully I don’t have aerophobia), and after walking by the luxuriously plush […]