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Clevernote: Stream of Consciousness Notetaking for Teachers

At a Bay Area education hackathon that I wrote about yesterday, my team of three ran into technical difficulties implementing SLC’s API and couldn’t enter the competition. We still worked away nonetheless. Here’s the concept: Clevernote (code name): A note management app dedicated to rushed […]

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from all my paternal cousins and me… …and a belated Happy Hanukkah from Porter. The Star of David kit was cousin Kocine’s gift to little sister Anna. 90% off all Hanukkah bling at Target! And happy post-apocalypsing. Guys I want to tell you […]

Parking in Malaysia

With a motorbike, walking in Malaysia has become utterly antiquated. In front of a restaurant: In front of the mall (I think those orange cones were meant just for me): On the sidewalk in front of my gym (not pictured):

Found a Job!

The job hunt is officially over, and it looks like I won’t be sitting in a monotonous 9-5 office job after all. Upon finishing my Fulbright stint teaching in Malaysia, I’ll be flying back to Hong Kong to film the next two seasons of the […]

Motorcycle Lessons

Friday 9pm: Our Mentors and mentors, who have been saints in helping us acclimate to Malaysia, drop off our newly-purchased motorbikes at our house. “We’ll teach you and Charlie how to ride them on Sunday,” they said. Sunday… right. Friday 10pm – 12am: Sit on […]

Contest (w/ Prize!): Name Mark’s Motorcycle!

Our mentors and other folks have been incredibly generous in helping us get around the past couple of weeks. Now that we’ve finished training and settled into our house, most of the Fulbies (coined by Fanny) have been looking into motorbikes to be a bit […]

Happy Holidays from This Random Baby

As a holiday gift to you, I’m sharing one of my most top-secret highly-scandalous butt-kicking job-discovery tips. Here’s how you can discover lesser-known opportunities, and perhaps even create some informal ones. Identify a handful of outside universities’ programs that interest you. You can go by […]

Little Sister Told Us to Dress Up for Xmas Dinner

Apparently she didn’t mean that kind of dressing up.

It’s Better to be Pissed Off than Pissed On

Males all around the world experience getting pissed on by themselves multiple times a day. Well, today I’m taking a (hand)stand by getting pissed off and hopefully reducing a few instances of getting pissed on by yourself or your overly-friendly neighbor. The problem with urinals […]

Motivational Art Experiment: “I Will Graduate to ____________”

Inspired by urban design artist Candy Chang’s public artwork and frustrated by all my Berkeley friends refusing to spend quality time with me during this busy pre-finals week (how can anyone turn down a free Bollywood dance class?!), I decided to do a little experiment […]