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Music Mix for the Flash Mob that Never Happened

Here’s the mix with some cool transitions and overlays that I made for a flash mob to drop in Malaysia’s capital city–which didn’t end up happening due to us touring Johor state like a rock band for two weeks (which also didn’t happen since our […]

Summerbridge Celebration (Graduation)

Yeah, I’m three weeks behind on this post. Celebration is the end-of-year ceremony (graduation is just one small component) consisting of song, dance, video, a slideshow, and good ol’ butt-kicking. It may be more accurately-described as a bawl-fest. In fact, when I was recruiting at […]

CityStep K-Pop Mix

Our classroom’s country for CityStep’s global theme this year was Korea! “Don’t Don” by Super Junior (boys’ taekwondo dance) “Wedding Dress” by Taeyang (everyone’s dance) (girls’ fan dance) “Don’t Stop the Music” by 2NE1 (girls’ dance) “Bonamana” by Super Junior (boys’ dance) “Y” by MBLAQ […]

CityStep Mashup – Nobody’s Insomnia

CityStep Mashup – Nobody’s Insomnia by markpan Potential song for our classroom’s Korea theme in “CityStep Goes Global” “Nobody” by Wonder Girls “Insomnia” by Wheesung (originally in English by David Craig)

Summerbridge 2010 Hit Songs

Summerbridge Hit Songs Mashup by markpan The top three most [over]played songs from last summer, mixed on the plane from HK back to the states (nostalgia much?). The dude next to me must’ve been SO sick of hearing me blast Miley from my headphones. “Cha […]