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Why I’m Thrilled to Join Coursera

After a year of teaching and learning in Malaysia, I’m thrilled to begin the next chapter of my quest to empower and educate by working with the committed, brilliant, quirky, and ambitious Coursera team to do so on a massive scale. “When you look back […]

Education Innovation Hackathon

Last weekend, educators and programmers convened to debate visions, pore over code, overeat pizza, and break apart from their teams in true reality TV style. This was the Shared Learning Collaborative‘s Bay Area 30-hour hackathon. I’ll share the concept and mockup of my team’s app, […]


As I explained to one inquisitive student last week, “team” is a plural collective noun (“the team are playing”) in British English, while it is considered to be singular in American English. The British have it right. One of the most common mistakes that a […]

It’s Better to be Pissed Off than Pissed On

Males all around the world experience getting pissed on by themselves multiple times a day. Well, today I’m taking a (hand)stand by getting pissed off and hopefully reducing a few instances of getting pissed on by yourself or your overly-friendly neighbor. The problem with urinals […]