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Your Advance Registration Requests Suck

(This post is only applicable to current Penn students.) Finalized your advance registration requests? Scrap it. For some strange reason, Penn has never explained its algorithm that determines who gets which class, how much seniority matters, what alternate requests even mean. Here’s what I’ve learned […]


Arriving tomorrow (Thursday) early morning in time for homecoming weekend. This was literally just finalized a few hours ago; cheap last-minute travel post forthcoming. Super excited especially since I don’t know if I’ll be able to visit Penn before all the young’uns graduate! Here’s my […]

Happy Birthday, Allyson!

Apparently our video’s title isn’t that unique, even with a misspelled name:

Penn High Rollers

Too bad we didn’t have this list of high-rolling-people-to-hit-up-for-pesky-nonprofit-donation-requests during college. Well, thank you Mr. Barth for emailing us the calling list below to solicit donations for my start-up charter school. Or my motorcycle. Class of 2012, get ready to experience peer pressure at its […]

Harry Potter: “The End of Our Childhood”

Caption: Siler dressed in robes prior to boarding at Platform 9 3/4 Having grown up alongside the Harry-Ron-Hermione trio (hopefully with a little less teenage angst), Sam Ribnick proposed a toast “to the end of an era, and our childhood.” Or a toast to “the […]

CityStep K-Pop Mix

Our classroom’s country for CityStep’s global theme this year was Korea! “Don’t Don” by Super Junior (boys’ taekwondo dance) “Wedding Dress” by Taeyang (everyone’s dance) (girls’ fan dance) “Don’t Stop the Music” by 2NE1 (girls’ dance) “Bonamana” by Super Junior (boys’ dance) “Y” by MBLAQ […]

CityStep Mashup – Nobody’s Insomnia

CityStep Mashup – Nobody’s Insomnia by markpan Potential song for our classroom’s Korea theme in “CityStep Goes Global” “Nobody” by Wonder Girls “Insomnia” by Wheesung (originally in English by David Craig)