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Happy Holidays from This Random Baby

As a holiday gift to you, I’m sharing one of my most top-secret highly-scandalous butt-kicking job-discovery tips. Here’s how you can discover lesser-known opportunities, and perhaps even create some informal ones. Identify a handful of outside universities’ programs that interest you. You can go by […]

Your Advance Registration Requests Suck

(This post is only applicable to current Penn students.) Finalized your advance registration requests? Scrap it. For some strange reason, Penn has never explained its algorithm that determines who gets which class, how much seniority matters, what alternate requests even mean. Here’s what I’ve learned […]

How to Survive Abroad

These signs for tourists, reminding us that not everyone strives to do things (like driving on the right side) the Amurican way, have saved my life even more times than I have bought 30¢ Hong Kong McDonald’s ice cream cones.