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Music Mix for the Flash Mob that Never Happened

Here’s the mix with some cool transitions and overlays that I made for a flash mob to drop in Malaysia’s capital city–which didn’t end up happening due to us touring Johor state like a rock band for two weeks (which also didn’t happen since our […]

Happy Birthday, Allyson!

Apparently our video’s title isn’t that unique, even with a misspelled name:

San Jose Scavenger Hunt

I’m looking for two to four Ricky Bobby-like WINNERS near San Jose to form an Amazing Race-like scavenger hunt team and win cool stuff. FYI, the contents of this post are not intended to be humorous. In fact, I am 100% serious (great song). Here’s […]

Air Hand Dryers: Just as Useful as Reading this Post

That is all.

Pan Fam’ Email Conversation

A typical Pan Family / sibling (or “sibering,” in our sibling dialect) conversation: From: Anna Pan Date: Wed, May 25, 2011 at 2:40 PM To: kong, mommy, daddy, jie hello famiree. this is just an update on what i’m doing this summer. i’m working for […]