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Trolling Ikea

Summerbridge Reunion #1: Ikea! To take it one step further from just pretentiously inspecting plush furniture (that was so high school), team SB printed pics of ourselves and slipped them into Ikea’s frames. Huge improvement. Ikea, you’re welcome. Now, I know y’all are dying to […]

Summerbridge Celebration (Graduation)

Yeah, I’m three weeks behind on this post. Celebration is the end-of-year ceremony (graduation is just one small component) consisting of song, dance, video, a slideshow, and good ol’ butt-kicking. It may be more accurately-described as a bawl-fest. In fact, when I was recruiting at […]

Air Hand Dryers: Just as Useful as Reading this Post

That is all.

Proselytizing at Summerbridge

So in addition to teaching in a few foreign countries so that I can entertain you with this blog, I am also doing so to fulfill my role as missionary sent by the god of Google (for proof, see the banner of the Google search […]

“A Magical Free Window”

“ResLink–practise what I write and create a magical free window into our Student Residence.” I wish AirPennNet were a magical free window. Exhibit B: “Being a Residence Tutor is like being a headlamp–you shine for residents and lead them along the way.” As a former […]

Being Obnoxious (for a Good Cause)

Day 2 of admin training. A local school has generously allowed Summerbridge to grace their school with Summerbridge’s presence, along with our super loud and borderline-obnoxious cheers. While we were greeting the teachers by screaming cheers at them right outside of the school, a crowd […]

World Famous Egg Tarts

5HKD (0.64 USD) is apparently overpriced for HK egg tarts, but not for the (supposedly) world-famous egg tarts from Tai Cheong Bakery, which Drew and I found after 30 minutes of wandering, buckets of sweat, and three urgent “help us!!” texts. No, egg tarts are […]

Public Music

Hong Kong is a conglomeration of AC-blasting indoor shopping malls. Because my impression of the place is unfortunately quite materialistic, it was a pleasant surprise to see a public music gathering of catchy latin music (the last time I walked by here there was a […]

Most Comforting Sign Ever

After walking around for 30 minutes and finally having found the hole in the wall restaurant, I was greeted by this lovely sign above. But I’m not a child, so it must be safe for me, right? Sketchy entrance: Phew–made it out alive. Non-sketchy fake-meat […]

Partyin’ Partyin’ [at Starbucks] YEAH!

Yeah, I’ve decided I’m holding my wedding reception at Starbucks. And all my birthday parties and my kids’ birthday parties as well.