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So my three weeks of unemployment post-Summerbridge has ended as quickly as my favorite video of favorite Republican presidential candidate showing off. (Did anyone else watch that entire video thinking that he would suddenly pull a Rick Roll or pop out his third arm?)

I just finished my second full week with Code for America, a baller organization as badass as badgers and as nerdy (in a great way) as pandas. My older sister, upon hearing the name of the organization being “Code for America,” retorted that her i-banking firm should jump on the bandwagon and rename itself as Bank for America, automatically receiving Mother Teresa rockstar status. Which would provide even less social value added as Venture for America.

CfA is structured similarly to its namesake, Teach for America, except that the fellows write open source code to improve city governments’ communications and transparency. No, I’m not coding–just helping out on the communications, operations, and research as a wannabe techie. The plurality of my time has been spent learning about and creating a catalog of civic apps that governments can use as a handbook.

Working here is like working aboard the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. Every day I effortlessly roll around in a springy ergonomic overlord chair at a fast-paced tech organization while dodging big words like CRM, GPL, SQL, and other terms that IDK.

I was quite intimidated by how roughly 26 of 30 folks in the office are Macs. So naturally I joked around about this blatant discrimination with the other three PCs. Turns out they’re even higher up along the hierarchy as Linuxes (Linuxes? Linuxii? Liniges? Linuces?). The people here are great, despite being Appleholics, and I’m learning a ton about civic hacking, nerding out over gorgeous websites, and even listening to weekly outbursts of “Friday” (no hyperlink here needed). I even got to make a Google Doc (not this cool though…) the very first day on the job!

Alas, I leave you with a hilarious video on the marvels of tech:

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