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Kind of a Big Deal

Last week the Chief Technology Officer of the United States (also referred to as the Indian George Clooney) dropped by to chill with Code for America’s CEO and give a lively talk in our office about saving bajillions of lives with tech. No bigs.

Coincidentally, news that fellow tech giant Steve Jobs had just died proliferated into the well-connected audience’s devices towards the end of Chopra’s talk. I’m quite anti-Apple relative to my hipster peers in Philly and now Berkeley. Yet the media managed to convince me of the moment’s tragedy. (My Mac-dominated workplace may have helped too). The following sums up my news-reading experience this past week:

  • NYT’s comprehensive article so long that you don’t have to click on any of the other 20932189 Jobs articles
  • The Colbert Report:
  • At the same time, Jobs still has another shot at redemption that I’m remaining optimistic about. Hopefully it’ll be more than throwing iPads into schools and calling it revolutionary. How about the next OLPC, practical gadgets, or a cheap dedicated podcast device that delivers free education to the world’s remote corners?
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