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Playing with Food

I love slow eaters, because that gives me more time to consume larger quantities of food. But what to do when you’re stuck at your favorite buffet restaurant, and full (gasp!)? Make it into a competition with your little sister, of course!

The first step was to find a seemingly impartial judge: our mom. My little sister thinks my mom loves her, but we all know the truth. Advantage: Mark.

Next, criteria: 1/3 taste (the Pan fam’, sans Momma Pan and I, care about health), 1/3 creativity (in 7th grade woodshop I constructed and cut the sexiest swordfish figurine, winning a can of Coke and a bucket of confidence), and 1/3 aesthetics (my bod’ screams aesthetic…).

Oh… little sister won.

Her winning design below is a tri-tower fortress. What are the noodles and red jello? Fallen soldiers and a blood-drenched moat, of course! How appetizing.

My losing design… the brownie is hollowed out and filled with fudge and froyo, though!

A few weeks later, I tried redeeming myself when I went to Sweet Tomatoes again, but this time with my older sister, who is much less creative but unfortunately too “mature” for silly competitions. So I competed with myself, building the below for five to ten minutes at the salad bar while my parents and sister thought I was taking care of food poisoning in the bathroom.

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