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Happy Holidays from This Random Baby

As a holiday gift to you, I’m sharing one of my most top-secret highly-scandalous butt-kicking job-discovery tips.

Here’s how you can discover lesser-known opportunities, and perhaps even create some informal ones.

  1. Identify a handful of outside universities’ programs that interest you. You can go by program rankings and/or by the region you’d like to work in.
  2. Comb through their program website in search of listserv details. This is often in the “Current Students” or “Resources” section.
  3. ~15% of the time you can be added to their internal listserv meant for students enrolled there by either sending an email to an automated system or to their program coordinator.

For example, I’m interested in education and technology. So I look up grad schools with edutech programs and colleges with any sort of education program. Auburn University pops up as one of the few schools with undergrad education departments, and browsing around in the “current students” section for a few seconds reveals this page that says:

To subscribe or unsubscribe to the EFLTlink, please send an email message to [email here] and request that you be added to (or removed from) the EFLTlink listing.

While undergrad program listservs are helpful for job ops, grad school listservs can provide you with a clearer sense of career trajectory options and the degrees and skills you need to get there.

This practice is only slightly creepy when someone sends the listserv personal photos of their baby being coddled by an old man in costume, hence the banner image above.

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