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Two hour layover in Narita/Tokyo, Japan! I was planning on running over to the market 20 minutes away, but the security guard I talked to looked like he was going to punch me back to the States if I slighted his strong recommendation to stay put at the airport. So instead, I listened to this song on my computer to experience Japan to the fullest extent that I could (thanks to my little sis for introducing it to me):

I can’t believe we’re in Japan!
Look at all the lights!
The food!
The people!

We’re three cool white friends in Japan (Japan!)
We’ve never been to Japan
So we wrote a song about the three of us in Japan
And our label has to pay for it


Cause we’re three cool white friends in Japan (In Asia!)
The fact that we’re white isn’t why we’re friends
But we are white, and we’re friends (In Japan)


Wow Look at all this Japanese money
It’s called Yen
I heard it’s worth more than American money
Let’s dump it in the river!
(phone rings)
Moshi Moshi
Guys it’s the label
This video’s really expensive and-

Dump it in the River!
Our rental car!
Dump it in the River!
This old guy!
Dump him in the river!
And now we’re flying home first class!

Speaking of first class, read on to the next post!

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