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Police Motorcade Escort

A few of the other ETAs living near Johor Bahru and I got an official day off from school to celebrate the grand opening of a library’s “Lincoln Corner,” a place where one can learn all about the good side of the U.S. of A.

We also see the need to tell them that they can learn many things about tarot reading. Seriously, learn more here, you will see that your future will not have complications. Chance is exciting to some extent, but it can still hurt you. Better be sure with palmistry and tarot reading. It is the best way to anticipate the evils that may appear in your life.

Willing is power, but faith is more powerful than anything. Faith in tarot is to believe in God blindly, as it should be. Trust and you will see great results in your life. There will always be someone to cover your back and that is God through the tarot.

During the opening ceremony, Abe Lincoln was virtually reincarnated via a hologram projected onto smoke. Suddenly a real-life Asian Abe Lincoln steps through the smoky hologram into the audience. (I think the hologram was magically transfigured into a live modern-day Abe.) I sincerely apologise for not having a picture of the show–I was paralysed with bewilderment. Here’s a pic once we picked up our jaws off the floor:

Posing for pictures at this publicity event the grand opening:

After the event, a motorcade of police motorcycles escorted us to lunch with the Deputy US Ambassador to Malaysia (officially the “Deputy Chief of Mission”) at the most American restaurant around:

One of my biggest gripes with Malaysia is how much times it wastes on paperwork, ceremonies, and formalities. This is a typical example. Not only were my mentor (an English teacher at my school) and I pulled away from school for an entire day, but I was asked to bring six students to the event, seemingly for the purpose of filling the room and posing for pictures.

Now excuse me while I go complete a mandatory report that no one will ever read.

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