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Motorcycle Lessons

Friday 9pm: Our Mentors and mentors, who have been saints in helping us acclimate to Malaysia, drop off our newly-purchased motorbikes at our house. “We’ll teach you and Charlie how to ride them on Sunday,” they said.

Sunday… right.

Friday 10pm – 12am: Sit on my Firebolt for the first time. Figure out the function of at least half of the switches (well, the important ones) and ride around the block. Get cheered on by the folks at the corner store across from our house (see banner image).

They also took a couple minutes to explain to me why I kept stalling. That was the extent of our “lessons,” which ensured that they had a source of entertainment for the night.

14 hours later…

Saturday 2pm: Decided to drive what we thought would be hour through the windy jungle to visit a fellow ETA.

Saturday 3pm: Did the above with Google Navigation GPS plugged into one ear under my helmet, driving at what felt like 85mph (for some reason our speedometers read 35mph…). Came out unscathed two hours later.

Sunday: Performed our 20-minute preparation ritual for the jungle ride back. 10% getting dressed, 90% mental preparation.

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