Jungle Gym

The first time my roommate successfully drags me to the nearby Muay Thai outdoor gym nestled in the jungle (like everything in Malaysia), the torrential […]

Cutest Welcoming Performance Ever

Towards the end of orientation in January, we finally got to visit a couple of government (public) schools where we were welcomed with food, performances, […]

Tioman Island

A two hour motorbike ride and a two hour ferry ride got 25 of us (half of the Malaysia ETAs) to Tioman Island to celebrate […]

Every Day We’re Shufflin’

No, really–every day. The kids in my aerobics class love it.

World Kite Festival

Fifteen other ETAs and I partook in the Pasir Gudang World Kite Festival this past weekend. Though if you didn’t look up, you would’ve thought […]

Motorcycle Lessons

Friday 9pm: Our Mentors and mentors, who have been saints in helping us acclimate to Malaysia, drop off our newly-purchased motorbikes at our house. “We’ll […]

Contest (w/ Prize!): Name Mark’s Motorcycle!

Our mentors and other folks have been incredibly generous in helping us get around the past couple of weeks. Now that we’ve finished training and […]

Happy Holidays from This Random Baby

As a holiday gift to you, I’m sharing one of my most top-secret highly-scandalous butt-kicking job-discovery tips. Here’s how you can discover lesser-known opportunities, and […]

Little Sister Told Us to Dress Up for Xmas Dinner

Apparently she didn’t mean that kind of dressing up.

It’s Better to be Pissed Off than Pissed On

Males all around the world experience getting pissed on by themselves multiple times a day. Well, today I’m taking a (hand)stand by getting pissed off […]