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Penn High Rollers

Too bad we didn’t have this list of high-rolling-people-to-hit-up-for-pesky-nonprofit-donation-requests during college. Well, thank you Mr. Barth for emailing us the calling list below to solicit donations for my start-up charter school. Or my motorcycle.

Class of 2012, get ready to experience peer pressure at its very best. It’d be interesting to conduct a poll to see how many of the $1-$249 donors were paying to cease harassment or guilt. Don’t get me wrong–groups like The Penn Fund are absolutely necessary or any university, and The Penn Fund does a great job effectively getting in your face.

But on a personal level, I don’t believe in chipping in my generous $20.11 to this giant pool of money, when I want my money (not just 62% of it) to go to financial aid. I don’t want it to go to residential programming, when I’ve seen from the inside how squandering it can be. I don’t want it to go to Facilities, not until they do what they’re paid for (did you know that the stairwells are supposed to be cleaned weekly?) and get paid only for what they actually do (according to FacilityFocus/AiM, labor cost $198.60 just to bring me a new mattress, and $52.45 for a lightbulb change on my floor). I don’t want it to go to the Penn Reading Project–there are cheaper ways to bond over how slick we are for not doing the assignment.

After a five-minute back-and-forth conversation with the Fund’s assistant director (great guy), what finally convinced was a type of guilt that I hadn’t felt before. “Every single one of the other seniors on the [Undergraduate Assembly] has given,” he enunciated. So how would I make the UA, supposedly student leaders, look? “…gahh.. umm. Sigh. Ok.” And then it was time convene a meeting with another body with 100% giving. At least somewhere in Philly, a homeless man is wearing the “Seniors for the Penn Fund” t-shirt that I donated (I hope).

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