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My Thanksgiving in a gobble:

Quality time with the mom, older sis, and her ugly putrid, I mean, 54th-smartest-dog (out of… just 79 dogs) named Porter. My sister maintained that Wikipedia describes it as “intelligent and friendly.” So I’m happy to report that my first Wikipedia edit will decrease Boston Terrier breeding and ultimately make the world a prettier place.

To his credit, Porter does have one decent picture.

This was my first Thanksgiving at home since high school, so ‘lo and behold, we actually had American food on Thanksgiving this year! (I’m pretty sure one year we had rice as stuffing.) Though we haven’t quite moved up to legit turkeys, we made a few dishes, my favorite being sautéed halibut with arugula, roasted beets, and horseradish crème Fraîche (yeah, I’ve downgraded to pescatarian) under head chef Momma Pan and Big Sister Pan. You know it’s fancy if it has three foreign accents / diacritics / squiggly things in the dish’s name.

Aaaand of course, kite-flying with a kite I borrowed from work. The kite actually flew, unlike my previous glow-in-the-dark kite making dorm event last year.

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