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Cutest Welcoming Performance Ever

Towards the end of orientation in January, we finally got to visit a couple of government (public) schools where we were welcomed with food, performances, small pink towels, and paparazzi. And a 30-minute iMovie video listing all of the awards that the school has received alongside super intense pump-up music. It was quite difficult restraining myself from fist pumping and Indian head bobbing to the scrolling list of choral speaking accolades.

Pause your cat / dog / African bull frog YouTube videos and play the vids below of one of the welcoming performances. (And then you can watch the African bull frog video.)

The Lion Sleeps Tonight:

We’re Going to the Zoo:

Apparently this was a “band 2” (out of 7) upper-tier school, whereas we’re all working at band 5 and 6 schools. So it was a productive lesson on what not to expect.

Another Performance Upon Exiting the Bus:

Super Inspirational Quotation:

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